Staffing Services


Coastal Staffing Services specializes in dockside staffing services for Louisiana and Texas, namely in the coastal area between Lake Charles, Louisiana, Sulphur, Louisiana and Beaumont, Texas. Needs for dockside staffing is prevalent in these areas and Coastal Staffing can provide temporary, temporary-to-hire, direct hire, contract and payroll employees for our clients. This means we will handle all of the recruiting, screening, employment verification, payroll, tax filings, liability insurance, worker’s compensation and unemployment responsibilities for any dockside hires.

Five basic plans are available through Coastal Staffing Services for all dockside hiring. Inquire Before You Hire allows employers to see what an employee we have screened, tested and interviewed can do before they are made permanent employees. Permanent Placement plans will have Coast Staffing Services find the perfect, permanent employee for your dockside needs. Planned Staffing will allow us to help you find part-time employees for catch-up work. Payroll Services entails taking that paperwork and screening workload off a company’s shoulders for each new employee who is hired. And Emergency Staffing is, as it sounds, staffing of employees when the company is in a pinch and needs extra employees to finish a big job in a short amount of time.

Any or all of these plans may be necessary for your dockside staffing needs through Coastal Staffing Services. Whatever it may be, Coastal Staffing Services is here to help. Give us a call today.